We love nature, and our commitment goes beyond respect: we aim to regenerate it. We make decisions to curb the climate emergency, boost the circular economy, become more efficient and reduce our resource consumption.


The installation of a carbon dioxide gas recovery plant in our brewery allows us to increase the circularity of the brewing process itself: we manage to recover the CO₂ that is naturally emitted during fermentation for use in other stages of the process, thereby reducing the final amount of gas consumed and, consequently, our carbon footprint.


As we believe that the best waste is waste that is not produced, we prioritize its generation as much as possible. If this is not possible, we seek to reuse and recycle all of them, in line with our firm commitment to the circular economy. In 2022, we increased the percentage of waste recovery in our plants, contributing to the ‘zero waste’ objective that we expect to achieve very soon. In addition, we are committed to recycled and recyclable materials, and we seek innovative solutions to continue advancing circularity: for example, in 2022, we will launch Milk Stout, a beer brewed with lactose from milk from Galician cows fed with bagasse from our brewery.

New Life

In order to give a second life to the waste generated at our events, we launched the New Life initiative in 2022. Through this circular economy project developed in conjunction with the WE Sustainability platform, plastic containers used at festivals will be converted into picnic tables, chairs and furniture that can be used at new events, giving them a new life to continue enjoying (and reducing our environmental footprint).


We work to reduce the environmental footprint of all our packaging from the design stage. When possible, we eliminate them completely – for example, thanks to the Cerveza de Bodega, which takes our product directly from the brewery to the stores, or the No Pack, with which we completely eliminate the secondary packaging of six-packs of cans – and, when it is not possible, we look for the best alternatives. We reduce the weight of our bottles and are committed to both returnable formats and materials with a lower carbon footprint, such as 100% recycled plastic (RPET), which we use in all our water brands. In addition, we are satisfied and continue to innovate: at Cabreiroá, part of the Hijos de Rivera group, we will soon be launching the first vegetable bottle on the market.