The passion of people not only drives and transforms companies but also contributes to positive changes beyond their walls. Encouraging active listening and caring for the well-being of those who form part of Hijos de Rivera is one of our unwavering priorities.


Safety and well-being is a key area in constant evolution: we listen, invest and improve to build a better environment for the people who are part of Hijos de Rivera every day. In 2022, we launched the Preventive Culture Plan to analyze and implement measures to help our employees and collaborators work more safely. In addition, we continue to make progress in decisions that help us to be more efficient at the organizational level and increase the levels of employee well-being, for example, with measures to promote work-life balance such as teleworking or digital disconnection.


Contributing to improving people’s well-being is one of our main objectives as a company, especially for those who are particularly vulnerable. In 2022 alone, we have allocated 134,000 euros to different foundations, and our staff has invested more than 4,000 hours in different actions related to the environment, health, art, culture or social welfare, collaborating on the ground with Galician entities and associations. A corporate volunteer team that continues to grow and demonstrates the unwavering commitment of our people to just causes.


Positive impact is an essential part of the identity of Hijos de Rivera and of all the people who form part of it. To convey this, we created Impacta, a cultural transformation program aimed at our entire workforce, so that the nonconformist perspective permeates the entire organization, strengthening interest and responsibility among our employees and turning them into agents of change who make a difference in their environment. With an experiential, innovative and immersive methodology, we are committed to training in environmental, social and economic sustainability; in addition, we improve internal communication and the work environment.


Every path begins with a step, including the professional path. Our Stars of the Future program is focused on promoting employability and young talent through Dual Vocational Training plans, internships and scholarships for those starting out in the world of work. We try to offer them an ideal work environment to directly and concretely apply their learning to start building their career and grow, within our company or in any other company in the labor market. In 2022, the commitment to these programs has been the largest to date, with almost one hundred people involved in all the training plans, in which more than 45,000 hours have been invested.