Governance, values, and ethics

Values and ethics

In the following links, you will find access to our ethical channel and all documents related to our Governance, Values, and Ethics policy. You can download our Code of Values, an explicit statement of the principles, values, and guidelines that should guide and promote the ethical behavior of the companies that make up the Corporation in general, and of all the individuals who are part of it, in particular, as well as our Internal Information System Policy.

Additionally, you can directly access our Ethical Channel and the instructions on how to use it.

Code of Values

Internal Information System Policy

Key issues of our Internal Information System (IIS) and Ethical Channel

Access our ethical channel here


In Corporacion Hijos de Rivera we are fully committed to the constant search for excellence in all our products, services and activities, contributing to the sustainable development of the environment and the care of the natural environment, prioritizing the sustainability of the project in the long term, above the aim of immediate enrichment. With this Environmental Policy we want to frame the commitment of the Corporation, and all its staff, creating a reference framework aimed at continuous improvement to protect the environment in the scope of our activities and according to the needs and expectations of our interest groups.


In Corporación Hijos de Rivera we consider that the information, and the electronic elements for its processing, are critical assets that must be protected to ensure its correct functioning. For this reason, we have developed a Cybersecurity Policy aimed at effectively managing the security of both the information processed by our computer systems, as well as the people and assets, tangible and intangible, that participate in their processes.


Our suppliers are a fundamental pillar in the development of our business plan. They are our strategic partners and our best travel companions. We work together from a place of trust and honesty, as set forth in our Code of Values, standing united against any eventuality and, above all, sharing a collaborative perspective of co-creation in which we join forces. In the following link, you can download our Supplier Policy.