The Harvest Market launches the “Artesanos del Rural” (Rural Artisans) podcast

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Our social impact project, Mercado de la Cosecha, launches its podcast today; a series of audio episodes available online about rural artisans, who share the company’s craft values and innovative and maverick spirit, and are driving the transformation of rural areas into a more prosperous and sustainable environment.

The first season of the podcast ‘Artesanos del Rural’ (Rural Artisans) will have 5 episodes that bring us the history of successful projects from around the Galician countryside such as Agroturismo Arqueixal, Casa Grande de Xanceda, Cortes de Muar, Ecocelta and Idoia Cuesta.

These streaming audio contents from the Mercado de la Cosecha will be available from today through the Ivoox and Spotify platforms, as well as on the project’s website  and social networks; and very soon also on iTunes.

Mercado de la Cosecha, the social impact project of Corporación Hijos de Rivera, moves forward in its strategy of dissemination of innovative initiatives that are contributing to a transformation of rural areas into a more prosperous and sustainable environment.

It does so by backing a booming format such as audio, with the launch of the podcast ‘Artesanos del Rural’  (´Rural Artisans´) that will review different projects and initiatives that are breaking barriers in rural Galicia, artisans who share the craft values and the innovative and nonconformist spirit that define our organization. Its goal is to show the potential at the socioeconomic level of these initiatives and inspire and raise awareness about the need to think of the rural environment as the main supplier of almost all our consumption, and also of the raw materials that bring a unique character to the products of Corporación Hijos de Rivera.

Today is the premier of the first season of the Mercado de la Cosecha podcast, made up of a total of 5 short episode that will take us to the Galician countryside through the personal experience of the promoters of 5 successful initiatives closely linked to this environment; such as the ecoagrotourism project Arqueixal,  the ecological farm Casa Grande de Xanceda, the family cheese factory Cortes de Muar,  the biofertilizers and environmental management company Ecocelta  and the contemporary basket maker Idoia Cuesta.

This podcast can already be heard on the main audio platforms in Spain, Ivoox and Spotify, as well as on the website of the Mercado de la Cosecha and on its social networks; and very soon also on iTunes.


The Mercado de la Cosecha thus rises to the digital transformation business challenge currently addressed by the Corporación Hijos de Rivera group, joining what is expected to be the present and future of online communication and adding a new channel to its wide network of informative channels, both physical and digital, which ranges from events, presentations or training proposals, to a powerful communication plan through its official profile on social networks such as Instagram.

These are the protagonists of the first season:


Arqueixal is a family farm located in the village of Santiago de Albá, Comarca da Ulloa, which has transformed its activity from the production of cheese, yogurt and organic fresh milk to the conception of a holistic experience that embodies its love for the land. Thus, it has recovered a set of old rural houses to welcome guests and allow others to share their way of life. A special place that offers well-being respecting the environment, and promoting a sustainable rural and agricultural environment, from an ecological, economic and social point of view.

Casa Grande de Xanceda

Casa Grande de Xanceda is an organic family farm located in the Galician village of Mesía, where they take care of over 300 cows. With their milk they make dairy products that they define as “delicious and healthy!”. They have 200 hectares of autochthonous meadows and forests where their cows wander and graze freely every day.

 Cortes de Muar

Cortes de Muar is the project of two siblings, Rita and Germán, who are the second generation of a family-run cheese factory located in Silleda, Pontevedra. From there they produce a limited production of artisanal cheese, made with milk from cows allowed to graze freely, without artificial complement. In addition to the traditional family recipe, they also venture to incorporate other production and tuning techniques inspired by international varieties, always adding their own “savoir faire”.


Company located in Ponteareas, dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of fertilizers and organic amendments for use as fertilizers in agriculture and gardening. Ecocelta fertilizers are completely natural, without additives or synthetic nutrients, with high fertilizer value, which return to the soil the essential nutrients, organic matter and microbiota. Otherwise, they would be wasted in landfill or destined for incineration, hence the importance of their environmental work.

Idoia Cuesta

Idoia Cesta is an artisan workshop dedicated to basketry with vegetable fibres, textile fibres and recycled materials. Its work is based on the fusion of basketry with textiles and the versatility of the resulting piece, through the combination of organic materials with different artisanal techniques. It aims for its pieces have their own identity, based on the raw material used and the possible uses it presents according to the needs and tastes of the person who acquires it.

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