Carlow Brewing Company Ltd is an independent Irish craft brewer founded in 1996, whose most iconic brand is O’Hara’s Stout. It completes its range with seasonal beers and limited editions, among which proposals based on different hops, IPAs and barrel-matured beers stand out, always with natural raw materials and a very careful process.

O’Hara’s is the leader of the craft concept in Ireland and already exports over 50% of its production. Seamus O’Hara, the founder and CEO of the company, is president of the Association of Brewers of Ireland.

In 2017 it opened a BrewPub Restaurant called Urban Brewery, in the center of Dublin and is a constant source of innovation, as well as a European benchmark for its traditional international beer portfolio.

In 2017, Hijos de Rivera acquired 32% of the brewery, promoting its internationalisation and collaborating in the launch of joint limited editions of beer.