Galo Celta researches the development of poultry products which are good for the heart with Estrella Galicia bagasse


The artisanal ecological exploitation Galo Celta, in collaboration with the Centro Tecnolóxico da Carne, is researching the development of poultry products which are good for the heart.

This research proposes alternatives in the feeding of birds by making combinations with different ingredients among which is the beer bagasse of Estrella Galicia, analysing its potential as a feed supplement.

Galo Celta is an initiative that participates in the activities of the Mercado de la Cosecha to promote the socio-economic development of rural Galicia with projects like this that support sustainability as a lever for change.

Galo Celta is an artisanal poultry farm in Vila de Cruces (Pontevedra) dedicated to the free breeding of roosters and hens, and known for its eggs, a gastronomic jewel.

This small farm in rural Galicia, committed to bringing artisan poultry products to the market, addresses its next challenge: to make its products more sustainable. According to its architect, David Sueiro “in a company that is dedicated to food, we understand that sustainability is directly related to how healthy your products are“.

To achieve this objective, in recent years, it has invested great efforts through research, continuous improvement and contribution to achieve a more prosperous rural area which has led it to collaborate actively with the Mercado de la Cosecha, the social impact project of Hijos de Rivera, which promotes the socio-economic development of rural Galicia by disseminating and promoting initiatives that are transforming rural areas into a more prosperous and sustainable environment and with which, in the words of David  “we share the same values and we go into countryside to defend tradition, sustainability …”.

For about a year, Galo Celta has been developing an ambitious research project with the Help of the Centro Tecnolóxico da Carne that studies the feeding of birds by proposing alternatives in their diet, and incorporating into their diet portions with different combinations of natural ingredients and without additives to achieve that the final products, both meats and eggs, are food that is healthy for the heart.

Among these ingredients is the bagasse of our brand Estrella Galicia, a by-product resulting from the process of pressing and filtering the must obtained after cooking the malted cereal that has proven positive properties in the feeding of some animal species, as is the case of dairy cows, representing an important nutritional and protein contribution in its feed. This research aims to analyse the possibilities it offers for the poultry sector.

An action that integrates several contributions to sustainability based on the concept of circular economy by reintroducing bagasse from our Estrella Galicia factory, in A Coruña, to a new production cycle and using it as a raw material, a resource of proximity that allows Galo Celta to reduce its environmental footprint.

For Galo Celta, as David says “the commitment to sustainability that we have assumed at all levels is allowing us to boost the business”  and that is why they are working on the transition of their farms and processes towards a model that allows them to achieve a net positive impact, a path that has led them to reach remarkable milestones such as achieving that their star product, the most expensive chicken eggs in the world, have also been the first to obtain the environmental footprint certification calculated in Spain.

About Galo Celta

Galo Celta is an artisanal and organic poultry farm located in Vila de Cruces (Pontevedra) that is dedicated to the free breeding of roosters and chickens for the production of meats and eggs of high quality and great culinary value. With the aim of offering sustainable and honest production, this small farm, run by David Sueiro and Patricia Lorenzo, has reinvented poultry production. It is small-scale production in which the birds are of slow growth lineage and wild behaviour, raised in an artisanal way in freedom in large areas of the interior of Galicia and with a natural diet based on daily grazing.

Galo Celta’s commitment to a different way of producing, as well as its commitment to excellence, make Galo Celta’s products of the highest quality. Their meats are low in fat and rich in amino acids, haemoglobin and with a high proportion of omega 6 and omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Their eggs are high in protein, healthy fatty acids, high concentration of tryptophan and tyrosine amino acids with strong antioxidant properties, low cholesterol levels and a high vitamin content.

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