Estrella Galicia opens the doors of the Cervecería de La Resistencia to other artisan products

Estrella Galicia abre las puertas de la Cervecería de La Resistencia a otros productos artesanos

Our online store offers new proposals from companies with our same artisanal philosophy such as Bonilla a la Vista, Conservas Frinsa, El Paeller, F deFormentera and Conservas Senra.

Over a year ago the Cervecería de La Resistencia, the ecommerce channel for Hijos de Rivera products, was launched, establishing itself as another option for consumers.

Estrella Galicia abre las puertas de la Cervecería de La Resistencia a otros productos artesanos

We take another step in our e-commerce project with the decision to open the doors of La Cervecería de la Resistencia to projects with which we share our artisan philosophy and common values around a careful and unique elaboration of the product.

That is why, in recent weeks, some proposals of marked artisan identity have been incorporated into the offer of our online store, in line with the products of Hijos de Rivera, which can be combined in different packs so that the consumer experience is perfect. This is the case of the Bonilla a la Vista crisps, the preserves of Frinsa and Senra, the gins of F of Formentera or the Valencian paellas of El Paeller.

Hence, from any point in Spain you can request the home delivery of these new products accompanied by the most recognized references of the house, as is the case of Estrella Galicia beers, the Cervezas 1906  family, or Estrella Galicia 0,0,  Maeloc ciders or Cabreiroá mineral water, which will reach the consumer within a period of between 48 and 72 hours from purchase.

In the words of JJ Delgado, CDO of Hijos de Rivera: “Companies are increasingly approaching direct sales channels with the consumer. This represents an evolution in the digital transformation of the relationship models with its customers understanding their needs and co-creating with them”,he says. Francesc Pumarola, Director of La Cervecería de la Resistencia highlights the objective of these collaborations:  “we want to bring our consumers artisan products made with the same passion with which we make our beer”, he says.

New additions to the Cervecería de La Resistencia de Estrella Galicia:

Bonilla a la Vista crisps

Diego Armando García, Head of Marketing at Bonilla a la Vista: “The combination of Bonilla a la Vista crisps and Estrella Galicia beer is undoubtedly a winning pairing. It is a classic of Galician appetizers that always works, so this pack is, in fact, a natural twinning for us.”

Frinsa Preserves

Oscar Gutiérrez García, Frinsa Head of eCommerce: “The Estrella Galicia project fitted with us in from the beginning. Firstly, because it starts from a selection of previous brandings in line with our quality standards and, secondly, because we know that our preserves pair perfectly with their beers.”

The Paeller

Guillermo Navarro, CEO and Co-Founder Of El Paeller:“At El Paeller we are delighted to join La Cervecería de la Resistencia. Soulless standardization and industrialization is not in our plans. That is why joining a project in which the flag is artisan recipes, authentic creations with no other ingredients than those we have always used, and mainly of proximity, is something incredibly natural for us.”

Conservas Senra

Fran Senra, founder of Conservas Senra: “Conservas Senra was born with the philosophy of taking anywhere in Spain the traditional sailors stews of Sanlúcar de Barrameda.  We use the best raw material and do not add preservatives or colourings. We have managed to put in a glass jar the classic flavours, those of our mothers and grandmothers. Belonging to La Resistencia allows us three things: to be part of a philosophy that agrees with ours, a perfect pairing, and give visibility to a brand that has been able to bring this class of products to the market for the first time. Very proud to be a part of you.”

F of Formentera

Pepe Albela, master distiller of F de Formentera: “La Cervecería de La Resistencia is a clear example of what it means to really be craft. We love what we do and we know how we want to do it, a whole statement of intent. The essence is to collect, reproduce and transmit the wisdom of our ancestors, making products in the purest artisanal style, but at the same time, under the highest standards of technology and quality.

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