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Edición especial EG MEGA

Estrella Galicia launches a special edition of bottles that commemorate the opening of MEGA and that include a special promotion giving consumers the chance to obtain thousands of tickets to visit this unique exhibition space. 

Two different personalized formats with the image of MEGA will be distributed in Galicia both on and off-trade.

This year we have experienced a historic milestone with the opening of MEGA, Mundo Estrella Galicia, an exhibition space through which we transmit not only our identity as a company with over a hundred years of history, but also all our knowledge about beer. 

We want to make all Galicians participants in this special project by launching a special edition in the next few weeks, which will be present on 14 million bottles with the image of MEGA, through which consumers can obtain thousands of tickets to visit Mundo Estrella Galicia (MEGA).

On this occasion, Estrella Galicia has chosen to adopt two different formats for on-trade and off-trade, respectively. In the next few weeks, these bottles will begin to arrive at bars, restaurants, and supermarket shelves, opening the doors to the MEGA experience to over 20,000 faithful consumers. 

MEGA, a space designed to see, touch and try. 

MEGA is an exhibition space with an experiential and educational character that not only focuses on content related to our company and its history, but also brings visitors close to the world of beer and allows them to see a selected number of process and production points in situ. 

That is one of the main characteristics that make MEGA unique: the fact it is located in the Estrella Galicia brewery itself and its integration with its daily life, which allows us to show real stages in the beer production and bottling processes.

This project, which aims to become one of the essential museums to visit in Galicia, has 2,500m2exhibition space on four floors for which exhaustive research, gathering, and classifying data has been carried out of the company’s over one hundred years of history, creating a catalogue of over 14,000 references. The old boiling room has also been restored and transformed into an extremely valuable museum space from an artistic and industrial perspective due to the murals around it, work of the artist and ex-football player, Ángel Atienza.

Visitors can choose between different experiences based on their interests, such as a non-guided visit, a guide tour, or beer workshops, and they will be able to see, touch and taste throughout the visit, i.e., they will be able to experience the world of beer first-hand. The whole museum experience is based on offering a personalized experience that allows the visitor to interact with different elements and obtain information based on their own preferences. To do so, the innovative identification system has been used. Visitors will wear a bracelet with a chip that will identify them and adapt contents to their demands, offering a unique user experience in each case.

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