Estrella Galicia and the ‘Cada Lata Cuenta’ programme join forces to create a more sustainable musical summer

Cada Lata Cuenta & Estrella Galicia

The European environmental awareness-raising programme Cada Lata Cuenta(“Every can counts”) will collaborate with our brand Estrella Galiciaat the 5 main music festivals that will be held throughout Galicia.

This is a collaboration through which this European programme- whose aim is to get people to recycle drink cans when outside their homes- and our brand want to raise awareness of the importance of giving cans a new lease of life, by recycling as many cans as possible at music festivals, and contributing to improving sustainability at these types of events held in Galicia.

Estrella Galicia and Cada Lata Cuentaare launching a project this year that will be carried out at the 5 biggest festivals in Galicia, seeking to maximize recycling of all rubbish generated there, while raising awareness about the importance of throwing cans into the right bins. 

The first festival is O Son Do Camiño, a real reference on the festival calendar that attracts around 90,000 people during its 3 days. The event will be held from 13 to 15 June in Monte do Gozo (Santiago) and there will be the recognizable Cada Lata Cuentabins in the area to make recycling cans easier for festival goers. There will also be a series of volunteers that will be carrying the Cada Lata Cuentarucksacks in order to make things easier for people as well as sharing the message of how important it is to recycle when we are at big events like this. 

After that, the programme be will at Resurrection Fest Estrella Galiciain Viveiro and the Portaméricafestival in Caldas de Reis. Both will be held from 3 to 6 July and the same facilities will be available as in O Son do Camiño: collection points at the entrance of the festival, bins, and volunteers with collecting rucksacks. The penultimate festival will be held from 11 to 14 July, in Ortigueira, which will also have special bins and collection rucksacks in the concert areas. 

The last festivalthat is part of this collaboration is theNoroeste Estrella Galiciafestival, from 6 to 10 August in A Coruña. At this music event, Pixelatawill be built: a mural made of recycled drinks cans (in this case with those cans collected at the five festivals whose bases are painted, making up an image when out together). 

Pixelatasymbolizes the importance of everyone recycles because by doing so we will achieve great results, in this case creating a piece of urban art that can be made thanks to the collaboration of many people. 

Pixelatawill be on show in a central location in the city so that everyone can see this mural that is in Galicia for the very first time.  

About Cada Lata Cuenta

Cada Lata Cuenta is an environmental awareness-raising programme focused on recycling drinks cans which is present in 14 European countries. It started in the UK in 2009, reaching Spain in 2015.Cada Lata Cuentafocuses on the importance of recycling our drinks cans when we are outside our homes, and reinforcing the importance of recycling. Each can we recycle can become a new one,

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