Buxaina presents its traditional games this week at the Mercado de la Cosecha in A Coruña

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The Mercado de la Cosecha once again opens its doors tomorrow,Tuesday, with a playful proposal for both young and old from Buxaina, a craft workshop who make traditional wooden games. Their proposals range from popular games to traditional games which have been recovered, all available on their website www.buxaina.com. A new look and new contents for the premises located on calle Riego de Agua in A Coruña, whose objectives are based on social commitment with the Galician countryside.


Buxaina will take part from August 19 to 24 at the Mercado de la CosechaPop-Up Store in A Coruña. The store’s opening times are Tuesday to Sunday, 11am to 2pm, and 6pm to 10pm. During the six days that Buxaina will be at the Mercado de la Cosecha Pop-Up Store, the following activities, all open to the general public, will take place in order to learn about the history of the different games and how to play:

Carrom: Carrom is a game of ability and strategy from India, sharing certain features with billiards. It’s one of the oldest games known and the most popular in India. Word of mouth has made it popular world-wide, possibly because once you’ve tried it, you can’t stop playing.

El Molino (The Mill): A game of strategy originating in the Roman Empire which consists of ensuring that your opponent ends the game with only two counters or without being able to make any further moves.



 Times and Ages:

–        Mornings, Wednesday to Friday 12.30pm for children over 10 (max.12 attendees).

–        Evenings, Tuesday to Friday, at 7pm, for all ages (max. 12 attendees).

What is the Mercado de la Cosecha pop-up store?

The Mercado de la CosechaPop-Up store is a project driven by Corporación Hijos de Rivera, Gadis and R whose main objective is to promote the socioeconomic development of Galicia and the sustainability of rural areas. A temporary concept remaining open only until the beginning of October, the shop will serve to spread and promote exemplary initiatives stemming from the countryside, transmitting their philosophy and most authentic flavour to the citizens.

Every week until the beginning of October, the store will change its image and protagonist. The store has already seen Cortes de Muar cheeses, Ecoceltaearthworm compost and the free-range eggs, and jams of Pazo de Vilane, the oils of Olei,all of them innovative initiatives that are worth sharing.

In the following weeks, the Mercado de la Cosecha store will be visited by Daveigabiscuits (26-31 August), Granxa Maruxa biscuits (2-7 September), Idoia Cuestabaskets (9-14 September),Arqueixalyoghurts (16-21 September), the apples from which Maeloccider is made (23-28 September) and the grapes used for our Ponte da Bogawines (30-5 October). The last week (7-12 October) will be a round-up of all the products.


About Buxaina

 Ana Teijeiro is an example of adaptation to modern times. After many years in the restoration and carpentry business, Ana and her husband decided that it was the right time to concentrate their experience on something a little easier and creative, which gave rise toBuxaina.com.

Buxaina is a handcraft workshop making traditional games in wood which are sold online on Buxaina.com. They make some of the most popular games but they also dedicate an important part of their work to the recovery of the oldest games which are, probably, less known to the general public.

The traditional boards for the games come from all around the world, and they are created with exclusive designs and are hand-crafted out of wood. They are made to be stored like other games or they can be hung on the wall, like a picture. As they are hand-crafted pieces, there is the possibility of ordering a personalised game and adapting it to each client’s needs.


Location: 38, Calle Riego de Agua; A Coruña

Opening times: 11am-2pm, and 6pm-10pm

Activities (Times):

12.30pm (Tuesday to Friday)- Games workshops for children

7pm (Tuesday to Friday)- Games workshops for all ages.


Registration and Reservations: Anyone who wishes to take part in the activities can reserve a place at the store or on 881 922 194

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