4 cocktails to help you toast this Christmas



Want to surprise your friends and family this Christmas?

We propose an original way to toast with these 4 cocktails made with our Maeloc ciders. They are natural, delicious, wonderfully refreshing, and will help with digestion after the heavy meals over Christmas.

Had you ever thought of combining cider in this way? In theory, no drink is made for mixers. The great relationships between them arise at later stages, as a result of curiosity and the need to experience new sensations. A toast must be made, and to do so, cider mixes well, and it gives a refreshing final touch to refreshing cocktails.

For years, cider was considered old-fashioned, and some bartenders gave it very little importance, disregarding it due to its strong links to rural communities. Currently, with the acknowledgement of traditional products and the modernisation of the image carried out by cider producers such as Custom Drinks, cider is once again in its place, and you can even have a Maeloc in some of the most modern bars in the Big Apple.

So, as cider is underused and there is a lack of information about it, and this leads to barmen not wanting to try it.

Cócteles Maeloc

Both sweet cider as well as dry, each with their own nuances, play an important role when mixing ingredients, giving the final result a great personality and making very pleasant cocktails.

However, flavoured ciders (strawberry, blackberry and pear) are drinks that need no preparation, just to find their right combination so that they not only don’t lose their character but bring out the best in the other ingredients.

Here you have a few recipes that you will want to try with our Maeloc ciders.

Maeloc Cocktails.

Pear Cider Margarita


-2 cl sugar syrup

-4 cl lemon juice

-2 cl Cointreau

-1 grenadine

-1 green pear

-Crushed ice



Maeloc’s Brumble


-4 cl lemon juice

-4 cl cassis syrup

-2 cl gin


– Crushed ice



Strawberry Mojiño


-2 slices of lime

-1 strawberry

-1 tablespoon of sugar, or sugar syrup

-crushed or pebble ice



Cider Sangria


-4 cl vodka

-4 cl apple pulp or syrup

-3cl lemon juice

-1 red apple

-crushed ice




Strawberry Mojiño

Made in the glass.


1.Put two slices of lime at the bottom of the glass, squeeze them with the help of a muddler . Fill the glass half-way with crushed ice.

2.Mix the ingredients well

3.Fill the remainder of the glass with crushed ice

4.Fill to the rim with Maeloc Strawberry Flavoured Cider


To decorate: a piece of strawberry, a mint leaf and two black straws.


Cider Sangria

The base or extract is prepared in a cocktail shaker and finished off with Extra Organic Cider.


In the cocktail shaker:

1.Shake vigorously and serve with ice in a cider glass.

2.Fill the glass up with Maeloc Extra Organic Cider.


To decorate:

Very thin slices of red and white grape, and small apple balls made with a melon baller. Cover the glass with a thin slice of apple and push two black flexible straws through it.

Pear cider Margarita

The base or extract is made in a cocktail shaker and finished off with Maeloc Pear Flavoured Cider.


In the cocktail shaker:

1.Vigorously shake in order to chill the ingredients well, and serve in a flute glass with ice and grenadine pips (half-filled)

2.Finish off with Maeloc Pear Flavoured Cider.

To decorate: Push a slice of very green pear into the glass.


Maeloc’s Brumble.

Made in the glass.


1.Mix all the ingredients well

2.Fill glass with crushed or pebble ice

3.Fill the glass to the brim with Maeloc Blackberry Flavoured Cider.


To decorate:

Blackberries brochette or loose blackberries , and a mint leaf. Place two black straws in the glass.


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