At Corporación Hijos de Rivera, in addition to seeking the best raw materials to offer products of the highest quality, we contribute to the local economy through the hiring of local producers. This allows us to drive sustainability across the value chain.

93% of the purchases of goods and services associated with the production of beer and sale of our products come from suppliers that are domiciled in the Iberian Peninsula

99% from Europe

We help our clients be agents of change

At Corporación Hijos de Rivera we are proud of the relationship we have with our suppliers, partners who have become strategic over the years and, without a doubt, the best day-to-day companions. That is why we establish responsibility criteria in our relationship with them and work to help them become agents of change.


It is a transformation model of our Cerveza de Bodega network to make the bars more sustainable and eco-efficient, aimed at both our current and potential customers who want to carry out this process of change and place their premises at the forefront of the hospitality sector in terms of energy efficiency and minimum environmental impact.

To do so, we place at their disposal a permanent help office that allows us to advise and accompany them in the implementation of the latest environmental sustainability processes. We are based on three axes:

  • Exclusive consumption of “zero packaging” formats, such as our Cerveza de Bodega, returnable packaging, or made with recycled materials.
  • Ecodesign, from the very beginning of the premises as a whole, to the built elements and furniture, lighting, air conditioning and the search for maximum efficiency. Good practices in the management of the premises. Good
    practices in the management of the premises.
  • Energy consumption, waste management and cleaning processes.


The Hop Web3 Ventures is our open innovation vehicle. It allows us to gauge the pulse of the new web3 ecosystem, exploring all the opportunities this new paradigm may generate for the company and identifying key allies to integrate them into our business model.

The Hop Web3 Ventures program, led from our MOVE Estrella Galicia Digital business unit, has the mission of developing new internal capabilities, deeply exploring the new opportunities that Web3 can bring, and co-creating various initiatives with key companies in the Web3 ecosystem in areas such as NFTs, cryptocurrencies, tokenization, DAOs, and the Metaverse, leveraging the methodology, network, and learnings gained through the history of the Hop program, in its four editions.

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Our 1906 Beer family drives the “Imperfectxs, Gastronomy for an Immense Minority” project. Its goal is to create a large community that acts to achieve conscious positive impact through gastronomy, hand in hand with allies to work towards efficient cooking, zero waste, the protection of biodiversity, local and seasonal products, healthy cooking, and cooking with a social purpose.

This awareness project has allowed us to generate a network of top-level culinary figures, with names like Ángel León, Vicky Sevilla, Diego Guerrero, Pepe Solla, Pepe Vieira, or Javier Olleros, who are examples of commitment to generating real impact on society and in their natural environment. A living and growing network, with which we intend to continue extending our commitment to the dissemination of good practices from the field of gastronomy.

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